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Advantage of Payroll Outsourcing vs. Getting it done on your Own!

Advantages of Payroll Outsourcing vs. Getting it done on your Own!

Payroll processing is a complicated process that brings forth a variety of challenges. It is very important for a client to decide whether it is best to hire a payroll company or administrate this task by themselves as there are certain factors pertaining Payroll processing which are rendered as vital.

  • Accuracy

    Accuracy is of prime importance, which demands for a team of professionals, making it vital to contract with a professional company to assure accurate and timely management of payroll.

  • Time Saving

    If not handled by professionals Payroll management could be a herculean task engaging a person for long durations restricting them from productive work required for business growth.

  • Legislative Requirements

    Hiring a professional company relieves you from the tedious task of keeping oneself updated about the changing Labour Laws in numerous legislative departments of state and government where the paper work and returns are to be filed periodically.

  • Reduced Costs

    A belief is followed that managing payrolls by oneself is economical whereas it clearly is a myth as it incurs too many direct costs with the expenditure of valuable time which one can invest in business growth and other important areas.

  • Minimization of Errors and Penalty avoiding

    In the current scenario many businesses pay tax and noncompliance related penalties. Hiring a professional company ensures timely accurate payment to the ESIC, EPF and Income Tax (TDS) to the respective authorities eliminating the risk of errors and penalties by avoiding incorrect or late filings.

Some of the Results of Poor Payroll Management are:

Poor payroll management can lead to various losses such as:

  • Delay in the payment of employees
  • Employees not being paid what they are owed
  • Late filings with penalties and fees due to missing the filing due dates
  • Expenditure of time
  • Penalties for Non Compliance in audit and Inspections

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