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Labour Law Compliance – Audit

In every Labour Law the Principal Employer is accountable for the non compliance whether we take EPF, ESIC, Contract Labour Act, Bonus etc. The Objective of Labour Law Compliance – An audit is to ensure that all contractors and vendors are following the Labour Law compliance. Hence in future whenever any departmental inspection or audit takes place, it must not create problems for the principal employer. There are many international buyers who must ensure that their vendors and suppliers are following the best practices of Human Rights and the standards laid by International Labour organization (ILO).

The following are different kinds of audits which are conducted to make sure that the contractor, vendor etc. is following the Labour Laws:

  • Indian Labour Law Audit

    Suitable for Employers or organizations who want to evaluate the level to Labour Law compliance at their Branch or Unit, Vendors or Suppliers , Contractors , Sub- Contractors, Outsource service providers like Security, Housekeeping, Maintenance, IT, Transport, Gardening, Cafeteria, etc.

  • Social Accountability Audit (SA 8000)

    Primarily required by Exports house or manufacturing units conducting Job-work for the international buyers.

  • Special Audits

    These audits are conducted as per customisation to a company's own code of conduct.

Audit is conducted in three stages: Pre-Audit, Audit, and Post-Audit. Post audit an audit report is generated which is further submitted to the management helping them in identifying their compliance position, gap- analysis and potential liability of the deviation.

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